How to write Plagiarism free content

Do you want to know How to write plagiarism free content for your blog or website. Here is the Unique Method. Read Now

how to write plagiarism free content

Write Plagiarism free Content

Every blogger and article needs to plagiarism free content for his blog and website. Even Google also allows ranking those posts which have unique content and plagiarism free content. Most of the Websites that Allow Guest post for these blogs, They also Indicate these words to write unique content. So this Problem is now Solved After This Article.

How i write Blog Posts

When I write a blog first I need to research and get Ideas from search engines. That which question people ask related to my niche. Then I collect Questions and Choose one of them to make my Article Title. This very important to research first before starts Writing on your blog.

If you are a new Blogger and article writer then i recommend you to find Long Tail keywords. It helps you to rank your blog post Within a few days

How to find Topics for blog

Write an Article

Now the second thing to write an article. This is the main part of our article. Most of the blogger and Writers Upset on this step that from where we find our Contents for blog. For This I Suggest you some methods.


The first Website is quora. Quora is a questioning and answering platform. where peoples ask question from The Experts and get answers from them. Simple search about your topic in quora and get Results. You get tons of Results and Answers.

Simply check these answers and search that these answers and indexed in Google of Not. When you get Unique and not index Answers simply Copy Them and Paste it in to your Articles. Make sure that your must give Source link to Author. This will helps you to more safe your blog.

Now the Question is How we Check that These answers are Already indexed or not. I also Solve this Problem in this article. First Lets Complete our this topic.

How to ask question in quora
How to ask question in quora

Find Plagiarism in Article

In Internet These are so many tools are available. but Here is will suggest you a best and free tool where your just Enter you keywords and paste your copied content and get Result When You Get 20% Similarity. Then These answers can be used in your article.

Note: I already asked you to add Source of Author to Make you Blog safe and Secure.

The name of the Tool is Paperowl Plagiarism checker. This is the best tool that I personally used to check my articles. You can also buy articles from paperowl experts at cheap rates and also get 10% off of your first order.

Now I will tell you how to use this tool to check plagiarism and make your content Plagiarism free content

how to check plagiarism of content

In Title section Write you main keyword and in your text area Paste the Answer. and Check the box and then finally check the Plagiarism. This tool will check the similarity of text which already write Authors in their blog. Use on 20% Similarity in your content.

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Hope you get the answer of your question. Make sure to share this Article to your Friends that needs Help. If you have any Query Feel free to comment below. Thanks for this time.

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