Top 3 Seo Strategies – Every One Should Know This

Seo mean search engine optimization. this is very important thing for every blog. in this i have discussed top 3 seo strategies let’s begin.

Top 3 Seo Strategies

There are three backbone for Seo strategy

1– Content

2– Backlink

3– Rank brain


 Content is a king, it is right If you write good and high-quality content but not serve to the right audience, it would not be good for you. When we write good content, must search-related audience so that you can get good benefit from them. To reach the targeted audience you can use different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. Social media is a platform where millions of people share their thoughts and according to interest, you can target them.

You can also use paid promotion for awareness about your product. Let’s talk about Facebook I created my affiliated website and target was US and UK audience.

I wrote a great content like video but for download this video, Users have to put their mail id then they can download it. “The first paid promotion was do on Facebook. In this paid promotion my video is display a lot of people but they can’t download.For downloading I demanded their mail I’d and after that they can download it. More than 2000 people uses their mail I’d to watch my video, I easily understand those are my targeted audience and I had their mail I’d and can share further related content.” So this is a one tactics to know their related audience. It is a content marketing technique.


When we come at this term and understand it is link that is back to our site.

Backlink for site must be come from related and high DA site and from targeted country. If we promote our business in UK but get backlinks from US site. It is not good for your business.

Never take backlinks from Chinese or Russian site. Google can decrease ranking on SERP. Because Google is not currently providing its service in China and to get backlink that location would be reason for spamming.

Don’t increase spam score on your site. To check spam score you can use Moz tool.

Use their analytics skills

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Nowadays Google uses artificial intelligence techniques and Rank’s brain is one of them. It is an advance version of the hummingbird algorithm, in Hummingbird Google understand the meaning behind the user-entered query and serve related results and uses panda and penguin algorithm to know duplicate content and spammy backlink. But the Rank brain is more advance than Hummingbird.

All images source by Google

It understand meaning behind the query that was put by users and serve most related results to user.

Rankbrain also look the structure of your website and user experience. When the user came to your site which of the portion visited first and how much time rendered on your site. Is your site uses proper navigation? Is content is put on right place?

If your site has proper navigation and good user experience and having related audience, most probability your site would be first page and if you are already on first page but not on 3 or 2 position, most probably Google rankbrain algorithm continue analysis your site and would give 2 or 3 position on SERP and it’s related keywords.


Write high quality, depth and user problem-solving content and get high da & related backlinks and follow the rules of rank brain.

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