4 Easy Ways to Rank your Website in Google

Many New Bloggers need to rank their websites in google. So here is 4 best and easy ways to Rank your Website in Google with few Days.

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How to Rank your Website in Google?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the process, or the skill, of making your website favorable to search engines when they crawl through your website.

Think of the big search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo as a big spider. They constantly crawl through websites, checking to see if it ticks all the SEO boxes.

Sadly, due to the complexity of the ranking algorithms these days, there are so many different boxes to tick.

Most reputable domains end up working out a part of their budget to SEO specialists to tick all the boxes for them.

Nevertheless, there are some organic tips and tricks you can employ onto your own website that goes a long way in boosting your site’s ranking capabilities. I’m going to list a few to get you started. Enjoy this amazing info-graphic whilst you scroll!

Infographics of SEO

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After all of these there is some others required things to Rank


When the big search engine spider comes across your website and scans through, it will look for words and phrases that are repeated consistently throughout. If your site is respectable enough and has enough backlinks (more on this later), it will rank you for this phrase. These are known as keywords and are the basis of how most of your traffic will see your website in the long run. We would recommend attempting to rank for long key phrases with very low competition. That way, your site will rank for them almost instantly. This creates a crucial snowball effect where you can eventually rank for higher competition keywords in your niche.

Before you know it, you’re on page one for the likes of ‘fitness program review’ and ‘iPhone 11 Ultimate Guide’.

To find such low competition keywords, we would recommend investing in online software such as Long tail Pro or Word tracker. They are reliable, cheap and extremely insightful. 


We’ve mentioned them before. So what are backlinks?

Backlinks are links on other people’s websites that link to yours. The great thing about SEO is that Google loves sites and articles that link to highly respected domains, which means that everyone is willing to dish out backlinks, given you are ranking high enough or producing good enough content.

That is why ranking for low competition keywords is crucial. Whilst the search volume may be small, it is generating traffic you would never have had before. All it takes is one of your readers to be a trustworthy and reliable blog owner and you may have earned yourself a quality backlink. Search engines take backlinks and traffic very seriously when deciding where to rank you, so every little helps.

You can checkout Backlinks Creating Sites for Create your backlinks manually.


Use an SEO friendly theme such as Neve or One press. They have to be supported by good website builders as you can configure a device viewport (click the blog link above for more information on this) as well as alter the typography, buttons and links so that it is accessible and viewable on all device sizes. Search engines love mobile friendliness, you need to think about it too.

SEO is like an audition. You showcase your content to the big search engines and if they like what they see i.e. you have quality backlinks in a high enough quantity, you are mobile friendly, you have an optimized theme, you have a favicon, your assets are compressed and minified, it will rank you accordingly for the keywords you have implemented into your webpage titles, headings and body text.

So, flaunt what you have. If your content is good enough, the traffic will come to you. 

Hope These This Article Helps You to Rank your Blog Easily and Give Some Information. So Keep Visiting our blog and Subscript for upcoming Posts.

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