How to earn money from Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is very easy now to earn money online. here i discuss all about earning method of Affiliate marketing. So start now.

affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate marketing?

There two words in this. one is affiliate and one marketing. First let’s discuss about affiliate. Affiliate mean a sale man of any website or any product where you sell any product of any company and get some commission from them. basically this is an earning factor. Now Marketing means the way for promoting products. in Short term. Affiliate marketing means Promote products of any company and generate sale to get Commission from them. 

How to Start Affiliate marketing?

To start affiliate marketing you need to the basic requirements that every company should know before they Allow to join their network.
(How do you promote our products)
So this is basic and important question before Joining any networks.
So lets Start our Countdown.
If you have already answer about this question you should leave this step and move forward.

Best Sites of Affiliate marketing programs

In internet market there are tons of site that have affiliate program. But some of popular sites here i will discuss.

  1. Amazon Associate program
  2. Clickbank
  3. Jvzoo
  4. Commission junction.

If you don’t want to join them you should join individual sites that have affiliate program like Hosting sites, domain registrar, or any other. also you can search regional legit sites that pay you commission on their sales.

How to promote Products and generate sale

There are so many ways to promote products and generate sale. as i write in previous steps that every company should know before they allow to join you that how do you Promote our products. some of the ways i will describe you.

Create blog or website

If you have already a blog and you get traffic on your blog then you can choose this method to generate sale.
if dont have any website then you can create your websites easily on wordpress or blogger. Make sure that your blog is niche related otherwise your viewer may be lost. 
Even you can make Landing page for product and generate sale on them. for Landing pages sales you should choose second method

Use Social media sites

Social media sites play’s important role to generate traffic because they have billion of users. You can use Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram sites. this method is very easy but time required because you can not generate sale in one night. you must wait and active in your profile. 

A: Pinterest: Create Pinterest profile and Pins and get followers related your niche. How to increase followers on Pinterest. you can search on YouTube and apply strategies. Pinterest is one of best platform to generate sake in affiliate marketing.

B: Instagram: Instagram is product of facebook they have more 500 million users. You can also use Instagram to generate sale. simply create post and use hashtags to engage peoples.

C: Facebook: Facebook is big Platform they have billion of users. Join product related groups and post in groups.

Note: Don’t put Product link directly in social media sites. your link may be banned permanent. Use Shorten link and Share your landing page links that you have created.

Paid Promotion

in paid promotion there two popular ways you can choose one of them. one is facebook ads and second is Google AdWord. Both are paid also depends on your budget. In facebook ads simple create post about your product and Promote them to your related interested Audience. Also you can use Google AdWords to create ads to Promote your products.
This way is Paid but generate sales quickly.

Bonus For you.

In facebook ad don’t create a post like this. Use post like This.

Hope this article helps you more and if you have any query You can comment below.

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